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Production Made Easier Simplify productions using your own custom branded mobile app

Paper free productions
Information synced with crew, client and agency
Your own branded mobile app
Money savings

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A new efficient and sustainable production flow

Make your production eco-friendly by going paperless and save money.

No more late night printing sessions!
Instantaneously share relevant information with your production crew, client or agency, such as daily production sheets, call sheets, director treatment log and event schedule.

Manage projects seamlessly with Production Flow App and generate savings!

Have your information accessible at all times

Manage multiple projects with prodflow’s browser based online back office and have your crew members access the information on the go with the mobile app!

Optimize your production

Digitalize your production flow and improve efficiency! Share information on the fly with your crew and clients by simply dragging and dropping documents, images or videos onto the desired project folders.

Schedule your shooting events

Easily schedule your shooting events and share them with the crew. Scheduled events will be displayed on your project hub along with address information and weather forecast.

Assign production roles

Assign production roles to your team members and clients. Each will access only the information marked as relevant for that specific production role.

Customize your prodflow

Make prodflow an app of your own. Customize your prodflow app with your own logo, background and color code and make it an extension of your company’s brand identity.

Ensure a highly efficient production flow...

  • Production Flow App
    Create your project

    Access prodflow’s online back office and create your new production project.

  • Production Flow App
    Create project folders and upload files

    From within your project page, create your folders and upload the desired documents, images or videos.

  • Production Flow App
    Have your crew and clients join in

    Share the project safely with team members and clients as each will access only information relevant to their production role.

Movie making mobile app

Transparent pricing


For fast growing production houses

  • Projects per year Up to 15 projects per year
  • Unlimited Unlimited users per project


The recommended plan for big production houses with over 100 yearly projects

  • Projects per year Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited Unlimited users per project


The most popular plan among production houses using prodflow

  • Projects per year Up to 40 projects per year
  • Unlimited Unlimited users per project

Start using Prodflow App on your projects right away!

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Video production tool app
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Prodflow on Google Play store Prodflow on Apple's App Store
Movie making mobile app
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About us

Meet the team behind Production Flow app

Luís Mesquita

Luís Mesquita,
Managing Partner

Luis is passionate about identifying opportunities and launching new projects. When he is not focusing on his business ventures, you will most probably find him creating new Spotify playlists, playing the piano or jogging while listening to music.

Hugo Hilário

Hugo Hilário,
Tech Supervisor

Hugo is passionate for technology and an entrepreneur at heart. Started coding early age with his Timex in the 80s. When not at work he is mostly with his family and personal hobbies (hoarding musical instruments and retro-vintage stuff).

Tiago Queiroga

Tiago Queiroga,
Business Development

Entrepreneur with 25+years professional experience in multidisciplinary functions, Tiago his highly persistent and determined in achieving the goals he intends to accomplish, most often than not you can find him sailing or working"


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